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James Buffington Realtor Real Estate Agent explains the power of on updated kitchen to a home sale.

Selling your home quickly for the best price the market will allow is my #1 Priority!

We specialize in residential sales, but whether you’re buying, selling, investing or simply beginning the process, our top-notch agents have the skills, experience (and support) to ensure you get the best results.
We have a very successful, multi-layered system for selling homes that has stood the test of time. We have the best tools to find you that perfect home you desire. 

We have a TEAM to make sure things get done, get done on time and get done right!

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Considering selling your home? Allow us to do all the footwork and research for you so we can price your home appropriately and intelligently.  Not only do we have the best tools in the market with the most up-to-date information, this service is absolutely FREE and no obligations will be requested unless of course we earn your busines and you get to the closing table! 

Get started risk free here. 

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I'd like to purchase a home or investment

If you have questions about affordability, credit, legal matters, or income, trust our team of experts to help you. We have all the right people in place and will make sure you feel confident and educated every step of the way. Also, did you know that we got started over 30 years ago selling new build homes? Don't buy a new build home unrepresented! The builder will pay for the service and you will have less regrets in the end! Allow us to inform you and earn your business!

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Check Out Indian Lake Ohio!

Check out this video of an Ohio Treasure, Indian Lake in Logan County.  Lake homes, entertainment, investment opportunities and more are just a call, click or text away!

Let me show you how to own and enjoy a lake home using the bank's money and potentially even make a profit or at minimum get your mortgage paid down in the meantime!

Come Check out the Lake!

Get on the Water

We have a boat right on the water awaiting your visit.  Boat to exclusive available properties on the water, stop and have a bite or a beverage at a local hotspot like Indian Head Road House, Cranberry's, Acheson's, the Tilted Hilton or even catch a sunset as it reflects across the water!

An Oasis!.. under an hr away!

Indian Lake is only 50-60 minutes from Columbus and boasts the second largest inland body of water in Ohio, no 'water issues' and gobs of coast line upon which to build your get-away or dream retirement home!

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Some bits for thought...

Keys to your new home James Buffington

The right People in the right places

Some agents can easily get in over their heads when they have children at home, social lives to uphold and then managing your transaction can come in last priority, even when unintended... We have a TEAM of experts to help you get from A-Z  much more seamlessly.  When we need to handle a 'life moment' we have others working hard making sure the wheels are still spinning for our clients.

Neighborhood Experts real estate agents

Watch out for those, "Neighborhood Experts!"

We have worked for many many years in almost every nook and cranny of Columbus and there are always those agents who use the marketing strategy of targeting one neighborhood with, 'just sold this house' mailers and 'neighborhood market info.' Be leery of the 'neighborhood experts' that often like to tell you how to handle your money rather than understand clearly that WE WORK FOR YOU and owe YOU direction and loyalty so that YOU can make sound decisions. If you feel pushed, simply exit that relationship fast!

how to sell your home James Buffington Real Estate

We will do you RIGHT

We are in this industry for the long haul and guess what? This industry thrives on refferals. We want our clients happy in the end and eager to refer us to their friends and family because we took good care of them, rather than chased a commission check!  If your agent is chasing that check, she isn't chasing the best deal for YOU now is she?!  We know that if you are happy... our bills will surely get paid!

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My Team

James Buffington Indian Lake Real Estate

James Buffington, "The Real Estate Buff"

Luxury Home Sales. Also representing Buyers, New-Builds and Investors.

James is a Realtor and Investor with gobs of great insights to help you traverse any market conditions. James is technologically intelligent and eager to win over his clients with honesty and great service over rehearsed salesman tactics!.. shwew!… what a relief! 

"Let's meet for a coffee, chat about your goals, and let me get to work EARNING your business!  Just inquiring or in a rush? Shoot me your questions or concerns!"

Kevin Sullivan Real Estate Agent with James Buffington REMAX

Kevin Sullivan, Team Manager

Specializing in Luxury Home Sales and Serious Residential Buyers. Kevin has ENERGY like no other and EXPERIENCE to back up his work!

"With over 30 years in the business, I have traversed most obstacles and created a systemized approach to service that WORKS! How can I be of service to YOU!?"

James Buffington Real Estate

Tamara Walker

The GLUE!  Tamara is an organized, timely, resourceful office assistant that often keeps us more in line than the other way around. She's our magic behind the scenes for sure!

"I just believe that folks deserve to be kept informed and updated as well as all their transactional information properly organized and communicated... It's what I would want..."

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